Welcome to Higher Heights Escambia, your centralized depot for nonprofit and charity capacity building.  Whether you are a philanthropist with a mission, in the process of starting a nonprofit or if you have already established a nonprofit and are now ready to go to the next level. We have the resources and nonprofit management experience to help you start or expand your organization to better serve your constituents.

Higher Heights Escambia was founded and created by the Soft Skills Training Institute of Florida to speak to the advancement of not-for-profit organizations within African American, minority and poor communities. We will give focus to individual leadership, business development and best practices, as well as internal and external organizational advancement and collaboration.

We are a community based program devoted to empowering African American not-for-profits, churches, social and civic organizations. We are committed to improving the quality and effectiveness of nonprofit environment, increasing the capabilities, through leadership, governance and fiscal accountability development.

As a nonprofit resource center we can help you with many of your needed charity startup solutions, so you can focus on implementing your services and do what you feel passionate about. Whereas many companies offer only a select number of nonprofit resources, our company is all-encompassing. We provide all of the nonprofit help needed from startup to finish.

Some of our nonprofit courses include: 501c3 tax exemption and what it means, grant proposal writing, foundation research, web design, fundraising solutions, branding, graphic design, nonprofit marketing and more. We truly believe in working together to ignite the growth of your nonprofit organization.

At HHE, we understand your mission is big but your funds are small. No worries because all of our courses, seminars and workshops are free.  Best of all, our program partners can help you with easy fundraising ideas. Let’s get started to make your nonprofit or charity dreams a reality!

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